Friday, 5 August 2016

Benefits of Remote Access Services with SkillBricks

Improved productivity – personnel can work from home, hotels or anywhere where there is internet access. It’s easy to access vital information such as documents, email and even applications that reside on the company’s server. People no longer have to wait to get in their office before being able to access and read emails.


Personnel can continue working on projects from home.

Increased profitability. People can respond to emails and customer requests quickly, and regardless of whether they are travelling or not. This, as a result, can improve sales performance and customer care.

Quality of life. It enables people who perhaps live a long way from their office to be able to maximize their days without necessarily spending hours travelling to and from the office. People do generally appreciate the flexibility that remote access systems give them.

It also helps attract talented workers who perhaps work too far from an organization’s HQ to be able to commute on a daily basis.

Retention of valued employees is improved. For example, a person who needs to move home to another area can still continue to work for the company because distance is no longer an issue.

Improved efficiency. Personnel can stay in touch with their company’s email and developments regardless of location and time zones.

Computer systems can be managed remotely. This enables experts to access computers to resolve potential technical issues without the need to be on site.

Eliminates the need to synchronize files and other data between a person’s laptop and desktop PC.

Lower office overheads. Remote access systems enable companies to potentially use smaller offices than if all employees had to be in the office at the same time every day.

It is not necessary to carry a laptop to gain access to a network. It is possible to gain access to an organisation’s network via any third party PC or other device so this negates to need to carry a laptop all the time.

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